Tylo Accessories - Aspen Headrest
Tylo Aspen Headrest. Headrest made of narrow wooden slats. 375mm x 270mm x 80mm.  
Tylo Accessories - Aspen Heater Guard
Tylo Aspen Heater Guard. Wall-mounted heater guard. Available options: 6V-8V (for heaters up to 8kW) and 10V-20V (for heaters over...
Tylo Accessories - Aspen Vent Hatch and Grille...
Tylo Aspen Vent Hatch and Grille. Vent hatch fits over the air outlet inside the sauna to regulate air flow....
Tylo Accessories - Bulkhead Light
Tylo Bulkhead light.
Tylo Accessories - Downlights
Tylo Downlights are available in two appearances - one for your new steam bathroom and one that will simply replace...
Tylo Accessories - Fibre Optic Lighting
Tylo Fibre Optic Lighting is for atmospheric lighting. The lighting source is embedded in a projector that is placed outside...
Tylo Accessories - LED light strips
Tylo LED Light Strips are developed to allow for more subtle lighting effects. 12V. Dimmable. Warm White 300K.
Tylo Accessories - Lighting Transformer
Tylo Lighting Transformer.  
Tylo Accessories - Ruben Sky LED Lighting
Tylo Ruben Sky LED Lighting. Spread a meditative, starlit mood in your steam room with starry sky LED lighting. Choose...
Tylo Accessories - Stool
Tylo Bulkhead light.
Tylo Controls - CC50 Control Panel
The Tylo CC50 Control Panel has a display for time and temperature, switch for lighting and security code function. Programmable...
Tylo Controls - Elite Control Panel Sale
Tylo Controls - Elite Control Panel
The Tylo Elite Control Panel has a processor and an operating system that allows a variety of advanced functions. In...
£1,374.00 £1,017.60
Tylo Controls - h1 Control Panel
The Tylo h1 Control Panel is a touch control panel that displays the time and temperature in operating mode. Can...
Tylo Controls - Heater Relay Boxes
The Tylo Heater Relay Boxes. Use with your choice of panel to control sauna heaters SDK 10 and SD 16,...
Tylo Controls - Thermostat (TS 30-012) Control Panel...
The Tylo Thermostat (TS 30-012) Control Panel is for SDK 10 and SD 16 heaters. For wall installation outside the...
Tylo Fittings - Aspen Backrest E-PRO
Tylo Aspen Backrest E-PRO are prefabricated sauna backrests made of solid aspen. They are contoured for maximum comfort and serve...
Tylo Fittings - Aspen Benching E68
Tylo Aspen Benching E68 are prefabricated sauna benches made of solid aspen. The stably-designed benches can be cut to length....
Tylo Fittings - Aspen Floor Grating 614
Tylo Aspen Floor Grating 614.   
Tylo Fittings - Aspen Skirting E-PRO
Tylo Aspen Backrest E-PRO is made of solid aspen.
Tylo Fittings - Sauna DGB Door
The Tylo DGB Door - No Threshold his a simple yet robust sauna door. Door leaf of tempered 8mm safety...
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