• Install replacement pumps, dosing equipment and ancillary parts.
  • Redesign tired plant room piping for efficiency in tight spaces.

Approved Installers For Specialist Products

Pool Tech Services are manufacturer-approved installers of various specialist products, with our engineers having undertaken dedicated training and examination. For more information on these products, please follow the links below:

  • Hyprolyser - on-site sodium hypochlorite generation. See the Hyprolyser product page.
  • Pelletpro - chlorine dosing systems. See the Pelletpro Motive and System product pages.
  • DesoPur - filter media treatment and regeneration. See the DesoPur/DesoClenz product page.
  • Dinotec - chemical dosing controllers. See the Dinotec Controller product pages.
  • BECSys - chemical dosing controllers, with optional remote-monitoring. See the BECSys controller product pages.
  • Hanovia - UV Photon treatment systems. See the Hanovia products pages.

 For more information, get in touch by email us or call us on 01204 410903

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