WaterTech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Ultra
The affordability and fun of inflatable quick set up pools, above ground pools, and spas have made them a backyard...
WaterTech Pool Blaster Catfish
Versatility and power, the Pool Blaster Catfish has it all!   The Pool Blaster Catfish is unlike any other pool...
Certikin Floating Vacuum Hose (1.5")
Vacuum hose with cuffs. Length available as: per 9m/12m/15m/18m/25m. Certikin floating vacuum hose is 1.5" or 2" in diameter and...
WaterTech Pool Blaster Max Li
As the flagship product of the Pool Blaster Line, the Pool Blaster Max shattered the mold of traditional pool cleaners....
Pentair Deluxe Thermometer
Pentair Deluxe Thermometer.
Certikin Telescopic Handle
Certikin Telescopic Handle Every vac head, brush and leaf net comes with a wishbone clip to enable quick and easy...
Liner vacuum head
Certikin liner vacuum head
Deep Net Skimmer Leaf Rake
Certikin deep net skimmer leaf rake.
Dolphin Supreme M3 Pool Cleaner (M200)
The Dolphin Supreme M3 pool cleaner comes with 18m cable swivel, stand and combination brushes as standard. It is suitable...
Swimmer Vacuum Handle
Swimmer Vacuum Handle Extendable handle available as 1.83m - 3.66m (6' - 12') or 2.44m - 4.88m (8' - 16') 
Certikin 36"/900mm commercial pool brush
Certikin 36"/900mm commercial pool brush.
Flexvac concrete vacuum head
Flexvac concrete vacuum head.
Swimmer Floating Vacuum Hose (1.5")
Vacuum hose. Lengths available per 9m/12m/15m/18m.
Dolphin Supreme M4 Pro Pool Cleaner (M400)
The Dolphin Supreme M4 Pro pool cleaner comes with 18m cable swivel, stand and active brushing with combination brushes as...
Astral Pulit Advance+ 3 Pool Cleaner Sale
Astral Pulit Advance+ 3 Pool Cleaner
AstralPool's Pulit Advance + cleaners are robust, reliable and efficient. Top-of-the-range cleaners with Gyro technology, a three-dimensional filter and two...
£1,309.20 £1,068.90
Certikin 18"/450mm deluxe pool brush
Certikin 18"/450mm deluxe pool brush with aluminium handle.
Graphite Vacuum Handle
Graphite Vacuum Handle Telescopic handle available as 6' - 12' or 8' - 16'.
Graphite Semi-Circle Vacuum Head
See-through semi-circle vac head for liner pools.
Bendervac Concrete Vacuum Head - 18"/457mm
Commercial vacuum head. Bendervac Concrete Vacuum Head - 18"/457mm.
Certikin 18"/457mm pool brush
Certikin brush with nylon bristles - 18"/457mm.
Panel Tool
Float header
Float topbar
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