Palintest Comparator Portable Lighting Unit Sale
Palintest Comparator Portable Lighting Unit
Comparator portable lighting unit with recharger.
£148.50 £141.08
Palintest Pooltest 25 Photometer (Bluetooth)
The complete photometer, designed for the pool professional and offering a comprehensive range of test parameters: Supplied with Bluetooth SMART...
Palintest Pooltest 3 Photometer
The Pooltest 3 provides digital results for the three key parameters for pool disinfection control - chlorine, pH and cyanuric...
Palintest Pooltest 6 Photometer
The Pooltest 6 provides simple and effective pool testing for service engineers and pool managers, offering the parameters required for...
Palintest Pooltest 9 Photometer (Bluetooth)
The Pooltest 9 allows for the analysis of the nine most important water quality tests associated with the management of...
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