Chemical Daytank Bunds
Chemical bund tanks in MDPE, available in various sizes from 31L to 1100L.   Features:Model - To suit -|- Dia....
Chemical Daytanks
Graduated day tanks in translucent MDPE with screw lids. Available as standard in translucent white in various sizes, from capacity...
Electric Chemical Mixers Spares
Spares for Gaffey Electric mixers: PD63-SK-6304/6305/6306-PTS - Spares Kit Full (suitable for PD63 series) Includes: Spares Kit PD63-SK (blade, white...
Gaffey C2910 Carbon Dioxide Gas Alarm System
Gas detection equipment for use in personal areas, plant rooms and chemical store rooms.   The C2910 CO2 Gas Alarm...
Gaffey Chemical Daytank Tablet Mixer Baskets
Day Tank tablet mixing baskets for calcium hypochlorite tablets, HDPE Code: 2092-S - To suit 100/200L day tank2092-M - To...
Gaffey Chemical Daytank Top Reinforcing Plates
Tank top reinforcing plate in 12mm PVC, supplied with 3 fixings; to suit 200L, 300L and 500L day tank. Graduated...
Gaffey ChemiDOS LB Dosing Pumps
As a plug & play dosing pump with a wide-range power supply unit, the ChemiDOS LB is ready for an...
Gaffey ChemiDOS Midi Dosing Pumps
The ChemiDOS™ Midi motor-driven dosing pump combines good dosing properties with a robust design. It's low noise and leak tightness...
Gaffey ChemiDOS Mini Dosing Pumps
The motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump ChemiDOS™ MINI shows its strength with smaller dosing capacities. Robust, compact and reliable even in...
Gaffey ChemiDOS Smart LB Dosing Pumps
Compact and precise - these are key features of the stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump ChemiDos™ SMART LB with its...
Gaffey ChemiDOS Smart LD Dosing Pumps
The stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump ChemiDos™ SMART LD provides a wide variety of attractive solutions for demanding dosing tasks....
Gaffey CO2 Diffusion Injector
High efficiency CO2 diffusion injector, 1.25" BSP thread with retractable lance and isolating valve.
Gaffey CO2 Dosing System - Valve Installation Kits
CO2 manual change-over valve installation kit for different arrangements: Code: C2030CO2 manual change-over valve installation kit for 1x1 arrangement. Includes,...
Gaffey CO2 Dosing System Accessories
CO2 dosing system and accessories Code: - C2600 - CO2 pressure regulator for single cylinder. C2008-1x1 - CO2 manual change-over...
Gaffey CO2 Flow Control Unit
CO2 flow control unit with 2 - 12 litres/min adjustment, 30Vac, accepts 8mm OD (5/16" OD) nylon hoses, IP65 enclosure....
Gaffey CO2 Hose 5/16" 30m
5/16" (8mmOD) nylon tube, 30m coil (for CO2 gas only)
Gaffey CO2 Leak Detection Spray
CO2 leak detector spray.500ml, non corrosive.
Gaffey CO2 Standard Injector
Standard CO2 injector with non return valve, ½" BSP thread.
Gaffey Electric Chemical Mixers
Gaffey Electric mixers are supplied complete with fitting template, mounting kit and PAT test certificate. Motors are IP55, with a...
Gaffey Manual Chemical Agitator
Manual agitators/mixers for day tanks. Code:2039 - To suit 50L day tank 2040 - To suit 100L day tank 2041...
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